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» Greddy Profec-B Complete Installation
Greddy Profec B Boost Controller Installation
Article Date: 03-15-04
Author: Mitchell@AMZ
Mod Class: Z32 - Twin Turbo
Mod Type: Engine Control Upgrade
Article Origin: Zmods.org
Difficulty Level: 6 (Scale of 1 to 10. 1 being extremely easy, 10 being extremely difficult.)
Estimated Time to Complete: 5+ hours

Tools Required:
3/8 drive ratchet
Socket sizes: 8-14mm
3/8 drive extention (short, med, long)
3 packages of 7/32 diameter silicone hose
package of "T" connectors
package of "inline" connectors
flat head screw driver (standard length and a short length one)
wrenches: 8-14mm

This is a full in length detail on the "proper" way to install an EBC. The EBC that I am showing the installation of is the Greddy Profec B II. I will go step by step in what steps I took and what materials are needed for this for a complete install.


1. Disconnect Battery and remove from the car. Make sure you DO NOT put the battery on the ground. That will deplete the charge from the battery.

2. Take off all Rubber Hoses from discharge piping, and off IC piping to TBs.
-Unbolt the passengerside air gallery bracket that is bolted to the passenger side of the plenum.
-Take off Cruise Control motor. EGR and AIV valve seloniods move aside so you have arm room to work with.
-Unbolt the fuel filter brackets and fuel line brackets on the driverside inner fender.
-Take off air hose off AAI valve that feeds into driverside discharge pipe off turbo.
-Take off discharge pipes off the turbos (both sides)
-Take off intake piping to passengerside turbo. (This is the one large black hose that have flex joints in them leading down to the turbo)
-Undo your throttle cables
-Undo BOV silicone hose off of airbalance tube and place aside (passenger side) Undo BOV silicone hose off plenum adapter and move aside. (driverside) **Note** BOV silicone hoses are put on the discharge IC piping.

Here is what you should sorta have

Here is a pic of what you should sorta see on the passengerside of the motor. These turbos are Greddy TD04s that are shown. **Note** if you have stock turbos you will see your intake pipe bolted to your stock turbo.

Now the next line of work is to completely remove your Boost seloniods from the motor. **Note** if your running stock turbos you will have to put a nipple cap on the intake pipe that is bolted to the turbo. That nipple goes to the stock boost seloniod.
Driverside Boost seloniod

Driverside Boost Seloniod removed

For the Driverside Boost Seloniod I used an 8mm open faced wrench and physically took off the boost seloniod from the adapter plate. Reason you have to do this is because that same driverside plate has the coolant line intergrated into the bracket.
Driverside Boost seloniod

Passengerside Boost seloniod

This requires you to use the size 12mm socket on the passengerside boost seloniod for removal as well as the bottom left hand corner bolt to be removed with a size 12mm wrench.

Now you have both boost seloniods removed. You should see your line off the actuator on the passengerside turbo and on the driverside turbo you willl be able to see the wastegate actuator in full.

This is what you should see once you have taken out your driverside boost selonoid.

The next step is to install an "inline" connector to your passengerside actuator hose and run a new line off of that connector to the other actuator (driverside) **Shown**

Driverside actuator hooked up with new hose.

Now you have connected the actuators together. You need to find the middle of that single silicone line and install a "T" connector. I usually snake the lines so they lay nice and tucked on the motor so it doesn't look like a birds nest after I get the lines connected.

Here is what you should see once you have the actuators connected with a "T" connector.

Next line of business is to remove and throw out the stock "boost feed" lines.

Here are pics of what is needed to be removed.


Now take the next box of silicone hose and run one end to each side of of the IC piping. Here are some pics to show you.



Now you are going to "T" them as well like you did for the actuators.

Now you have connected the Actuators and the "Boost Feed". Next is to put in a "T" between your FPR and your PRVR valve seloniod line off the fuel rail.

Ok now its pretty much setup. Bolt down your Greddy Boost Seloniod anywhere you want to have access to it. Run a line off the "T" from the actuators to your "COM" hose fitting on the Greddy Boost Seloniod. Then run a line off the "Boost Feed" "T" to the (NO) side of the Greddy Boost Seloniod.

Now find a hole in the firewall to introduce your electrical connector as well as the boost reading hose to the Greddy Profec B II control box.

Run a portion of silifcone hose off the "T'd" portion off the line that comes off the FPR to the nipple off the back of the control box. Make sure you install the inline airfilter before you hook up the line to the control box.

Find a power and ground you wish to tap into for proper power to the boost controller.


Clean up....reinstall all your parts that you had to set aside. Secure your rubber hoses to your discharge pipes and TBs. Boost leaks are your worst enemy!!!!!

Test and tune. Make sure that you do not overboost on this setup. I do not condone raising the boost outside the allowed limits of your turbo setup.

If anyone has any questions please let me know.

Take care,

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